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When living forever seems worse than death...


As people stared down mass extinction from cyber-wars and ecological destruction, a few thousand were chosen to remain in an AI-controlled colony, where the "perfect" world envisioned by privileged elitists devolved into an abject nightmare. The planet's trillionaires had long since abandoned Earth to its inevitable, awful fate - but a couple of rogue scientists found a way to return, and embark upon a mission to save humanity, with all of its flaws.

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Screenwriter:  JC Summerford

Genre:  Comedy

The “Coogs", a spirited women's tennis team in Boca Raton, Florida, is always last in the league.  Who cares?  They're mainly playing for the lavish post-match lunches, and to fill their social calendars.  But Captain Edie and the Coogs must re-invent themselves when Birdie, their best but orneriest player, falls seriously ill.  Birdie’s poignant fight for life pulls them together as a team, determined to fulfill her last request:  to beat the Polo Club, the league’s #1 bitches.
The cash-strapped Coogs reluctantly hire Coach Rick, a former pro who’s way down on his luck after being fired from numerous country clubs, and on the cusp of divorce by his wife Mitzi because of his bad behavior and substance abuse.  Captain Edie has to hold Rickie’s shaky marriage together, handle her own crumbling marital relationship, and keep the team on point to achieve Birdie’s metaphor for redemption.  One major challenge is Paola, a fiery Argentinian who jumps into a toxic relationship with a young cub bent on humiliating her.  


A Birdie-inspired Coach Rick vows to whip the team into shape, especially since the Polo Club’s coach is his old nemesis, Cesar – who beat him under questionable circumstances, in the very last match Rick played as a pro.   The pivotal re-match builds to a raucous climax:  Can the Coogs possibly beat the illustrious Polo Club, even for Birdie?  Will Rick somehow win Mitzi back, by playing a brave, winner-take-all match against his arch-enemy? 

Timely angle:  Strong, unique characters and poignant, interwoven plot-lines about love relationships and redemption, plus a liberal dose of pithy humor.  This comedy appeals to a wide audience 17+.  Think "Golden Girls" meets "League of Their Own".



Bradley's Place

Screenwriter:  JC Summerford

Genre:  Historical Drama

Glamorous, mysterious gambler E.R. Bradley’s fabulous (and illegal) Palm Beach casino is invaded by Luke Storms, a sinister high-roller from Bradley’s “wild west” past, who threatens personal and financial revenge for festering conflicts between them.  Based on historical fact.   


Timely angle:  Strong, sexy lead characters (male and female), memorable romance, old world glamor and grace, plus plenty of intriguing plot twists. Think "Titanic" meets "Open Range".  This is America’s Downton Abbey!



 The Ultimate

Screenwriter:  JC Summerford

Genre:  Sci Fi - Action

Shay, fiesty owner of a dive resort in the Cayman Islands, is contacted by super-intelligent marine creatures who populate a spectacular secret city at the bottom of a 7,000-foot ocean trench.  Working with a group of islanders led by a handsome, mysterious “preacher," Shay must save them from a dredging project planned by a nefarious cruise line owner, who happens to be her former lover.  


Timely angle:  Perfect 3D property; Will Smith would be perfect in this fun, imaginative romp (Independence Day meets Avatar).  Special effects intensive, colorful characters and a strong environmental angle.


The Ultimate

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