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a mojo story

Author:  Crenshaw Rivas


Move over, Carl Hiaasen – it’s Mojo time!


With quirky island characters, a twisty murder mystery plot, biting, sarcastic humor, exotic locations, and hot romance – “Decompression” by Crenshaw Rivas is the breeziest beach book in years!


In this first novel of a series, fiesty documentary producer Mojo becomes unwittingly involved with a murderous plot to control construction of a luxury resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands, which threatens to destroy historical treasures, a sensitive environmental site - plus reveal intriguing native secrets. 


The murder of a local historian is linked with the unearthing of a potentially history-changing artifact in an island cave, which Mojo steals and stashes underwater in an eel hole.  She is relentlessly stalked by various evil parties, each with a financial interest in the gigantic Highpoint resort, which is seriously threatened by this discovery.


Meanwhile Mojo struggles with her steamy on-again, off-again relationship with divemaster dog Mike, her hippie mom's arrival on island - and a cantankerous crew. 


Set in the early 1980s, Decompression is also a nostalgic look at life on a remote Caribbean island chain, just before the world’s waves of technology encroach.  This hilarious, rollicking adventure is packed with weird, quotable characters, dangerous dives, speed boat and helicopter chases, plot spirals, and saucy sex.  It’s set in locations all over the archipelago, including a posh clothing-optional resort at the fictional private island, Mangrove Cay.


coming soon:


In the second installment of the Mojo Stories, our hero travels to the Florida Keys to harrass greedy developers, and rekindle her relationship with

"The Kid".


"Coogs" the movie is now a book - available soon in audio form. Hear your fave characters' sassiest Poblano jibes - and more!







A fragmented Southern family comes to grips with the death of its patriarch.




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